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A Quick Tour of SeedPlanner

SeedPlanner is a growing season planning program, designed to help you become a better grower of plants from seed.

This Quick Tour shows some of the key features of SeedPlanner:

  • Keep track of your seed inventory and related information such as where the seeds are stored, their cost, who you purchased them from, etc.

  • Plan and track your seed growing season. SeedPlanner features a graphical interface which you can use to plan when and where to sow your seeds and easily identify upcoming tasks and events.

  • Easily generate web pages for use on the Internet. Web pages can contain information such as your seed inventory, seed growing plan, or plant growing instructions.

  • Modify or add to SeedPlanner's plant database. SeedPlanner offers a comprehensive plant database, which contains seed starting instructions, tips, and trouble-shooting for hundreds of plant species. Unlike most of the currently available gardening applications, you are in complete control over the database's contents!

  • Use SeedPlanner's Logbook to keep track of your seed growing experiences.

  • And much more! Download a free trial version at any time.

Download Now! Managing Your Seed Inventory

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