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Register your downloaded copy of SeedPlanner to enable all of its functionality. processes all our software registrations for us. Registration costs $30 U.S., and you can pay using Visa or Mastercard.

Please do not use falsified credit card information. Besides being illegal, your registration will be rejected and Rainforest Technologies will pay a large fee for each such transaction. Thank you! provides a number of convenient methods you can use to purchase SeedPlanner:

  • Secure online credit card ordering
  • Online ordering with credit card information provided over the phone
  • Fax
  • Mail

For details about the above options, press the button below.

If you do not register online, you will need's product id for SeedPlanner: 30823.

Press this button to register: Press this button to purchase SeedPlanner

After Your Order Has Been Placed

Once your payment has been processed, RegSoft will send you e-mail confirming your order. RegSoft will also send us mail when your order has been processed; we will then send you e-mail within 48 hours containing your License, which you can then enter into SeedPlanner to enable all its functionality. It is a good idea to save this e-mail so that you have a permanent record of your license.

To enter your license information into SeedPlanner, open SeedPlanner's Help menu and select About SeedPlanner.... Press the License... button in this window. Enter the license information into the fields provided.

Note: The license information contains three items: your full name, location, and license ID. All three of these items must be entered exactly as in the license e-mail from us in order for the license to be accepted.

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