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Useful Internet Links

Below you will find a list of links to Internet web sites which we find useful for our gardening and seed growing activities. Send any suggestions you may have for useful links to:

General Gardening Links

  • The Virtual Garden includes the Time-Life plant encyclopedia and a hardiness zone and frost date locator.
  • Garden Web has a very good Seed Growing Forum where you can post questions and discuss seed-growing issues with other gardeners.
  • is a similar type of resource, with forums, weekly gardening tip e-mail, and lots of useful information that is regularly updated.
  • is a link exchange for plant sources and related items such as botanical travel and tours.
  • is a source of links for those interested in all kinds of information about flowers, including links to botanical gardens, flower shops, etc.

Seed Suppliers

Check out our list of Seed Suppliers. This is the list of seed suppliers which is included with SeedPlanner, and in fact this list was automatically generated by the current version of SeedPlanner!

Useful Seed Growing Links

Gardening Supplies

Plant Name Databases

  • The USDA's PLANTS National Database is an excellent online database of plant names. Good links to other resources too.

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